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Company Overview

Our origins.  PlasmaNano was launched in early 2012 with the vision of accelerating plasma technologies in industries seeking to efficiently exploit nanotechnologies.  The ongoing research has yielded data to support efficient plasma treatment of a wide range of substrates including polymers, steel, and biomaterials through the utilization of PN technology. We are continuously investing in internal R&D efforts and partnering with leading research universities to demonstrate core merits of our technology and expand the scope of applications.

PlasmaNano is a technology development and licensing company focused on developing the world’s best plasma reactors. We collaborate with laboratories, universities and companies to create novel materials for tomorrow’s products. We contribute our IP, applications experience and expertise in plasma technology. Our industry partners bring industry insights, manufacturing capabilities and resources to commercialize our technology.

We have built a proprietary platform based on patented technologies to engineer and modify a wide range of materials used in medical devices, biotech, new materials and energy industries. We are continuously developing our platform technology to best harness the unique properties of plasma.

PlasmaNano is working in collaboration with partners in the biotech, new materials and medical devices industries to enhance our partners’ existing product portfolios, create new products and in some cases solve existing process problems. In addition to our internal development programs, we also consider opportunities to collaborate with recognized companies to expand the applications scope of our technology. Our collaboration agreements generally require the collaborator to define a clear application area where our PN technology would serve. The intellectual property that is developed enhances our platform technology and our collaborators gain competitive advantage through the exclusive use of our technology in a predefined market.

Funding.  PlasmaNano has raised seed capital in 2013 with accredited investors and executives affiliated with Citigroup, Merrill Lynch and Korea Finance Investment Association.  We will opportunistically seek outside funding to reach key technical, business milestones and scale our operations accordingly.