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We seek to efficiently leverage our platform technology for multiple high value markets. Strategically, we select partners that posses exceptional development, manufacturing and commercial capabilities but lack critical process technologies to achieve breakthrough therapeutics and products. Commercial success of our customers provides us with on-going royalties while strengthening our platform technology to attract additional customers.

The following are key elements of our growth strategy
  • Target high value added opportunities through partnerships. We work with companies and institutions with a strong track record of innovation and commercialization.
  • Leverage our core technology across multiple industries and applications. Our core technology can effectively address short, medium and long-term opportunities. ┬áThe versatility of our platform technology allows us to build a diverse customer base thereby reducing our exposure to any particular industry, partner or application.
  • Target under-served markets. Our plasma processing technology is differentiated by cost economics, performance attributes and operating requirements. As such we can provide a compelling value proposition to diverse industries.