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Surface modification and engineering is a critical process in biological and biomedical applications of new materials. Bioactive characteristics and material compatibility with living interface, such as cells, bacteria, blood and body fluid, depend largely on the surface characteristics of the material.

Metals, polymers, ceramics, glass and other biomaterials are currently used for biomedical engineering applications. Depending on the surface, tailored modification and treatment must be achieved to integrate the artificial biomaterial on a particular biological site.

PlasmaNano plasma processes can form chemically active radicals driving a wide range of surface chemistries and modifying the surface properties by oxidation – redox, and acid – base reactions. In some cases, surface properties can be changed between hydrophobic and hydrophilic nature. PN’s advantage is to drive a high rate chemical reaction at a low processing temperature (150°C or below), while operating in non, high vacuum condition with minimum ion damage.


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