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Environment & Energy Solutions

Climate change, increased energy demands, and growing environmental consciousness are presenting sustainability challenges across industries.

Solar, wind, biofuels and other alternatives have made enormous strides in closing the cost gap with conventional sources of energy. However in order to reach grid parity, significant advances in material engineering and manufacturing processes must be achieved to increase performance and reduce overall system cost.

At the same time, the need to reduce energy consumption both on an industrial scale and at the household level has created a growing demand for energy efficient products ranging from LED lights to energy efficient glass.

PlasmaNano can provide critical process technology solutions for companies seeking:

  • Increased performance and reducing production costs per kWh of renewable energy technologies such as solar technology and wind power systems
  • Storage of energy in high-efficiency gas accumulators and battery systems
  • Energy-saving construction, efficient insulation in home and industrial construction
  • Incorporation of nanotechnologies to enhance material performance, develop new materials
  • Efficient processes in all areas of industrial production to minimize water/energy footprint

PlasmaNano’s versatile and flexible material treatment systems enable our customers to make technological advances necessary to meet these needs.


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