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New Materials

Plasma processing is one of cornerstones of modern semiconductor fabrication. Efficiencies made possible by plasma processing in chemical vapor deposition, chamber cleaning, etching (patterning), and dry cleaning enabled Moore’s Law for the semiconductor industry. Consumer demand for multi-functional, portable electronics, energy efficiency demands in display, LED and advanced packaging and new medical devices will continue to fuel demand for new material processing technology.

PlasmaNano can work with materials companies to develop and grow new materials such as sapphire and other materials that possess high optical performance and mechanical strength, for example. Our ability to deposit functional coating down into the microstructure of the material surface can result in very high efficiency layers that give materials new properties. These applications include highly efficient solar cells, glass coatings, and pharmaceutically active functional coating.

Plasma processes depend on a large number of variables that account for their flexibility and sensitivities. PlasmaNano reactors allow operators to precisely control the inputs to make recipe invention and refinement much easier. We enable our partners to have control of various surfaces and interfaces over atomic dimensions crucial in further advances in new material fabrication.


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