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Enabling companies to define tomorrow’s products through
plasma processing

Our versatile technology platform is based on years of research led by Princeton University and Los Alamos National Laboratory trained researchers and scientists. We apply our extensive knowledge of atomic and laser-matter interaction of physics, gas chemistries, power transmissions and complex diagnostics to produce state of the art plasma tools and solutions.

We collaborate with industry, academia and government to identify new market areas where our technology can provide critical process solutions.

Process Advantages:

  • Unbounded atomic chemistry: Free radicals of O, H, N, OH, F and others
  • Non thermal processing: Processing temperature of 50°-200°C ; no thermal damage
  • Controllability: Precisely control reaction rate and processing temperature
  • Power efficiency: Efficient power coupling and minimal heat generation
  • Scalability: Fast reaction rate over large surface area and volume
  • Clean process: No harmful gas or chemical byproducts

What is Plasma?

Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is a partially ionized gas mixture consisting of ions, free radicals, neutral byproducts, and photons.

Plasma Applications

Plasma processing is a complex interaction between gas phase chemistry, plasma conditions and surface phase chemistry/conditions.