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PlasmaNano is partnering with companies, research institutions and government agencies to develop plasma-based solutions for diverse, high value markets. We work closely with your team to leverage our unique material processing technology to address your most critical research or business initiatives.

We seek to work with both industry-leading companies with established R&D teams as well as growth companies seeking to outsource or partner with us on specific applications. While every partner is unique, we believe we can achieve superior results by adhering to key success factors.

PlasmaNano Partnership Framework

Partial list of technology collaborators and research partners:

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Seoul National University
Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
Sungkyunkwan University
University of Wisconsin

Please direct partnership inquiries to:

What is Plasma?

Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is a partially ionized gas mixture consisting of ions, free radicals, neutral byproducts, and photons.

Plasma Applications

Plasma processing is a complex interaction between gas phase chemistry, plasma conditions and surface phase chemistry/conditions.